Our Software Development Approach

Since there is no “one size fits all” solution, our goal is to provide the best solution for your organization. Before beginning software development, we take the time to evaluate your organization’s requirements by documenting its processes and workflows.

We approach our software development projects in phases. We first evaluate and document the exact software development requirements. We then plan our subsequent phases in which we implement and test the solution.

Our first software development phase allows us to gain a thorough understanding of the full scope of the project, based on consistent communication between your organization and our team. During this first phase, we require a great deal of input from your organization so that we can outline the ideal solution. The deliverables for this phase are thorough functional and technical specifications, and a project plan that details the breakdown of the scope of work in distinct sub phases, timelines, milestones and their exact costs. These deliverables ensure project success and facilitate clear communication by all stakeholders before implementation begins.

Upon approval of this roadmap, we proceed to implement each sub phase using standard programming and project techniques. At each phase of development, we remain in constant communication with you arranging regular meetings, and also through telephone calls and emails. We want to make sure that our solution is the right solution for you.

Our ultimate deliverable goes beyond a well-tested production-ready software application. We provide project specification, clear design documents, user and technical manuals, and a testing and development environment so that development can easily continue beyond the scope of the project.

While our goal is to have a long-term professional relationship with your organization, we will produce a structure that can be maintained or extended by anyone familiar with Microsoft technologies.

Professional Services

Our team can create custom software solutions to your requirements and to the scope of the project. Our services follow Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology in which we gather your requirements and collaborate with you until a final solution is reached. We develop all of our solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies as well our in-house software development tools. This allows us to develop and deploy solutions rapidly using a centralized development environment. As a result, our team can deploy solutions quickly which minimizes time and costs to you.

Is your business looking for a custom software solution for its operations? Inceptico has the expertise to make your next software development project go smoothly. Contact us today to find out about how our software development services can benefit your business.