Our Software Project Management Approach

At Inceptico, our extensive experience and expertise in designing, implementing, planning, and executing software project enables us to assist our clients to successfully complete projects from start to finish on time and on budget. We understand from real-world experience that this success requires a consistent, coordinated decomposition of organizational objectives, strategies, processes, programs, and projects. Our belief is that organizations can bring their visions to reality through a diligent adherence to this governed approach. The reward of following this process methodology is more consistently-successful projects resulting in more satisfied internal and external stakeholders.

Our approach to project management is about understanding your organization’s project requirements and ensuring that the structure, tools, and processes we recommend are aligned with your goals and resources.

Inceptico can help your company to define, prioritize, understand, and measure the impact of projects on the organization. Our project managers can assist in defining the magnitude of resource involvement so you don’t over-commit your teams. With strategic planning, out consultants have successfully helped organizations improve project profitability, streamline conversion costs, manage resources and achieve on-time delivery. We use fully integrated project management tools to control the project from all stages and processes in the project life cycle.

Here are some of the project management areas in which our team can assist your organization with:

  • Project Planning

    • Define project objectives within time, resource and budget constraints.
    • Develop a baseline project plan and implement strategies to achieve project objectives.
    • Define project tasks and deliverables.
    • Define project roles and responsibilities.
    • Assemble teams according to project needs.
    • Set achievable, measurable, realistic objectives for team members.
  • Project Execution and Monitoring

    • Monitor project execution to plan.
    • Motivate teams and inspire a sense of teamwork, ownership and urgency.Manage resource utilization.
    • Measure and report quality of project deliverables.
  • Manage Scope Creep and Project Setbacks

    • Manage change to prevent scope creep.
    • Persevere to overcome project setbacks.
    • Assess impact of scope changes to budget.
    • Redefine project plan to reflect changes to time, scope, quality, risk and cost priorities.
    • Communicate and escalate scope issues.
  • Business Requirements Development

    • Develop a business case.
    • Define client needs.
    • Determine project specifications.
    • Investigate project alternatives.
  • Risk Management

    • Identify risks with stakeholders.
    • Evaluate risk probabilities and impacts.
    • Prioritize risks based on probability, impact and stakeholder priorities.
    • Develop a risk management plan.
    • Communicate risks and possible outcomes to stakeholders.

Is your organization purchasing or developing a new software product and needs someone to manage the implementation process? Inceptico has the expertise to make your next project go smoothly. Contact us today to find out about how our project management services can benefit your business.