Custom Business Software Development

Many companies today use some sort of a commercial or off-the-shelf software product to run their daily business operations. The use of packaged software has persuaded many business owners and managers into believing they are getting the best solution for their organization’s needs at an affordable price. While some commercial software packages are inexpensive at first, they cause frustration later when companies realize that the software they purchased doesn’t quite meet their specific business needs.

We at Inceptico understand the frustration. As we have worked with many different commercial software packages and vendors and have seen both the successes and shortfalls that come along with off-the-shelf product implementation. Our custom business software solutions are designed to fit your business model and not the other way around like most packaged software. There are no bells and whistles to confuse you from getting your work done efficiently. The solutions are designed based on your requirements and business needs so you can say goodbye to “one-size-fit-all” mentality and become more productive with a custom software implementation.

Advantages of Custom Software Implementation

Every custom software implementation starts with understanding your unique business process. For businesses that want to maximize their efficiency and have a specific solution designed to meet their needs without the bells and whistles of a commercial product, having a custom software offers many advantages over the packaged or off-the-shelf system. Here are some of the advantages of having a custom software:

  • Customized to your business needs – Custom solutions are designed to address your unique business requirements. With a custom software implementation, your business is no longer constrained in using some “one size fits all” software product that was designed for the masses. The solution is unique to your business workflows, operations, and processes.
  • Adapts as your business grows – With a custom software solution, as your business grows you decide when and which software changes you want to implement to match the growing needs of your business. Unlike a commercial software package you are not restricted to make the changes in a custom solution and you don’t have to worry whether or not you are breaching your service contract with the vendor. This way you can concentrate in making better business decisions and grow your business the way you know best.
  • Improves Efficiency / Productivity – A custom software gives you the freedom to design your business operations to be as efficient and productive as you want them to be. There are no limits of what you can or cannot do since the software design is customized by you and not by some vendor. Unlike most commercial off-the-shelf products, there are no bells and whistles and unnecessary clutter to prevent you from doing the work and be productive.
  • No license or maintenance fees – By creating a custom software for your business, you own the rights to the solution and don’t pay anything extra for it. With a commercial software implementation, you pay any on-going maintenance, support and annual license renewal fees. The savings of going the custom route could be huge since most commercial software products have to be renewed on annual basis.

The best solution for your organization depends on your requirements. While off-the-shelf products include generic tools to meet some business requirements, they are not specialized for any particular type of business. Commercial systems are often designed for the masses with a cookie cutter approach while custom systems are designed to serve specific business needs.

If your software doesn’t meet your current business needs and can’t support future growth, it may be a good time to switch to a customized software solution. Contact us today to find out about our custom software solutions and how they can benefit your business.