Custom Business Reporting

  • Does your business software come with a set of pre-defined generic reports that don’t meet your expectations?
  • Do the reports you generate from the business software exclude essential data captured in your daily, weekly, or monthly operations?
  • Would you like to see reports that are in-line with your business operations?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may want to consider implementing custom built reports for your business. When it comes to the success of your business, the same old cookie cutter reports generated by your vendor’s software simply does not cut it in today’s world. The waste in time of not finding the information you want in a report, or getting incorrect metrics is enough to materially affect your company’s operations and result in poor decision making.

Custom Reporting System

Businesses today are using different types of systems (ex. ERP, CRM, SAP) within their organization for various operations and tasks in order to capture specific set of data. Pulling the data out from each system and generating a meaningful report can be tedious task. First you have to log in to each system separately, scroll to different menu items and find the data you want to analyze. Then you need to generate the report and export the data to separate spreadsheets. If that is not enough work, then you have to merge the data together to a make the final report that can be used to compare the data that came across each system. The routine alone can become time consuming and frustrating for most of us. This is where custom reporting can simplify and streamline your business process to help you run your business more efficiently.

There are many benefits of creating custom reports or custom reporting system (ex. web reporting portal). With custom reports, you only see the data that is in-line with your business operations and not some irrelevant or incorrect data that most generic reporting software generate. In addition, the steps that users take in order to generate reports via the vendor software are minimized in a custom reporting system so that the information is presented in a timely manner.

A good custom reporting system allows your business users to do the following:

  • Create reports without logging in to each system
  • Select the type of Information needed for the report (via drop downs menus, date/time selection, textboxes, etc.)
  • Quickly enter the parameters needed for the report (ex. date range, customer name, production unit, etc.)
  • Review all information on screen without printing the report
  • Export results to spreadsheet or any other format (ex. PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV)
  • Email report to staff or customers

You’ll find that the advantages of using a custom reporting system can save your business valuable time, effort, and money so you can spend more time using the information generated by the software to make informed business decisions.

Every organization is unique which is why reports have to be customized to your business needs. The good news is that Inceptico can help your business by creating reports designed specifically with the structure, personnel, and goals in mind unique to your business objectives. Contact us today to find out about our custom reporting solutions and how they can benefit your business.