Inceptico Cloud Services

  • Does your business have one or many applications that run locally on a Windows desktop or laptop, or on a server?
  • Are the IT maintenance and infrastructure costs (ex. hardware, software, man power) to keep the legacy applications running internally eating into your business’s bottom line?
  • Would you like to have access to these applications from anywhere at any time on any device?

If so, it’s time to consider moving your business legacy software to the cloud.

Why should a business move their legacy applications to the cloud?

As your business grows, it needs to stay competitive and agile in order to meet customer demands. Running software internally (on premise) has its limitations and infrastructure costs. Some of the costs include:

  • Hardware requirements costs (to host the software on the company’s web server, and/or database server)
  • Operating system costs (The purchase of licenses to run the operating system)
  • Maintenance costs (Software upgrades, security updates, network updates, etc.)
  • Additional 3rd party software purchases (Anti-virus protection software, database software, reporting software, etc.)
  • IT Personal (Resources needed to maintain hardware, software, and network configuration)

Infrastructure costs are not the only key factor of running software on premise. Drawbacks such as mobility, maintenance, and scalability are other factors that businesses have to consider. These limitations and costs alone can hamper your business’s growth potential.

Benefits of moving to the cloud: The shift to a service model

There are many benefits of migrating your line of business applications (LOB) to a public or hybrid cloud. Here are some key reasons to make the switch to a “software as a service” (SAAS) business model:

Work from anywhere

Access all your applications and data from anywhere at any time on any device (laptops, tablets, phones). You are no longer restricted to use the company laptop or to run your application exclusively from a Windows machine. As long as you have a good Internet connection, you are good to go. By making the switch, your employees will no longer be limited to company devices. This leads to more productive and stress free employees and we all know that happy employees are more productive at work.

Scale with Flexibility

As your business grows, your infrastructure requirements grow as well. When you migrate your line of business application to the cloud, you no longer have to worry about purchasing additional hardware or getting someone from IT to do it for you. With cloud based services, it is easy to scale up when you need the additional computing resources, or scale back when you no longer need these resources. It only takes a few mouse clicks to customize your bandwidth, storage, or power, and you only pay for what you need. This level of agility can give your business a real advantage over competitors.

Automatic Software Updates

Perhaps the best thing about having your application reside on the cloud is that you don’t have to worry about routine software and security updates. The cloud service provider (Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.) will roll them out for you so you don’t have to waste time maintaining the system yourself. This leaves you free to focus on what matters most: growing and optimizing your business.

Disaster Recovery

What would it cost your business if you lost all your data? If you can’t answer this question without breaking a sweat, then you may want to start thinking about implementing a disaster recovery plan. If that is a daunting task, then why not let your cloud provider worry about it. Cloud providers include services such as cloud-based backup & disaster recovery as part of routine maintenance when you migrate your applications and data center to their site. Not only won’t you have to worry about investing in costly backup hardware, but you will sleep better at night knowing that your data and applications are safe in case something does happen.

Any of the above benefits would be enough to convince many businesses to move their business applications to the cloud.

Although there are many approaches to move an existing line of business applications to the cloud, Inceptico can help you choose the right and most cost effective path for your business. Contact us today to find out whether your existing line of business applications are good candidates to be migrated to the cloud.